Orchid Boarding

Ready to be picked up or delivered to customers

Most varieties of orchids bloom once a year, the flowers lasting from two to three months. Orchids that are not properly taken care of in a home setting can be difficult to rebloom. For those orchid owners who prefer to enjoy their orchids in bloom and not worry about their care at other times, we offer an orchid-sitting/maintenance service that we call “boarding”.

  • The charge for boarding an orchid is $5 per month with an $18 limit per plant.
  • There is an initial charge of $5 paid upfront, and then the balance is paid when your orchid blooms.
  • The average length of stay for boarded orchids in our greenhouses is approximately 8 – 9 months.

For customers who prefer not to board, we also offer trade-ins if your orchid is in good condition and you may choose another at a discount.